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Norfolk Family YMCA
Norfolk, Nebraska


Kelloggs speak to the importance of Raising The Roof for the YMCA's proposed renovation.

Don Kellogg has been a member of the Norfolk YMCA since 1964. He sold subscriptions to the Norfolk Daily News, which in those days earned him a free membership - and he's been coming ever since! Now 86, he and his wife Marlene still frequent the Y. Marlene comes every day!

Growing up, their children were also very active at the Y. All were on the swim team and have carried their active lifestyles into adulthood and are now passing their healthy habits onto their children.

The Kelloggs realize how inportant it is to stay active and fit, especially into their later years. Marlene believes it's the key to overall health. Both Don and Marlene agree an elevator at the YMCA would be great because it would allow them to access the entire facility - whereas now they are limited to first floor. They mention too, many of their friends who visit the Y regularly have voiced this concern.

The Norfolk YMCA is a positive force in the community that continues to take on challenges that shape our future. Everything the Y does, from teaching healthy habits for a lifetime, to giving people the chance to stregthen their community through volunteering, is in service of building a better us. Currently the Norfolk YMCA has outgrown its membership and is in need of renovation to keep up with the fast growing Norfolk area.

Learn how you can make a difference and join the movement to Raise The Roof for theNorfolk YMCA. Because there's never been a better time to build a better us. Visit and click on Raise The Roof Campaign.