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Norfolk Family YMCA
Norfolk, Nebraska

Luke Korth Picture

For The New Guy In Town

For young professional, Luke Korth, basketball has always been an important part of his life.  Growing up, Luke could always be found on the court, and even played ball for the Randolph Cardinals through high school.  Though he doesn't play professionally now, basketball is still a very integral part of his professional life.  Luke is part of an active group of young men who play basketball at the Norfolk Family YMCA over their lunch hour each day.  This diverse group of professionals that provide a great opportunity for people like Luke, who are relatively new in town, to network, socialize and get involved in the community while also working out.  Luke comments that it can sometimes be hard to get on the court to play over lunch because there are so many people who participate in "noon ball".  He believes the expansion, which will include two additional gymnasiums, would be a huge improvement.

As the Assistant Vice President for Midwest Bank in Norfolk, Luke is also very community minded, and realizes the impact the Y's expansion would have on the Norfolk area.  He comments that a bigger weight room, with more weights and cardio equipment that is open longer hours would better accommodate the schedules of busy professionals like himself.  Young professionals today care a great deal about the communities they live in, and very much have a "work where you live" mindset.  The Y's new expansion would allow Norfolk to stay competitive in the working world and help keep young professionals like Luke Korth in the area for a lifetime.

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