Pool Schedule


May 14 - May 27

May 28 - July 30

Spending time around water can be relaxing and so much fun, but without the proper training, water can be deadly. Learning water safety skills can serve kids for their whole lives. Whether on camping trips, pool parties or trips to the beach, when kids are prepared, the chance of accident decreases significantly.

Teaching skills that save lives

According to the Centers for Disease Control, about ten people die everyday as a result of drowning. So many of those accidental deaths are preventable. At the Y, we believe the ability to swim is a critical life skill. In swim lessons, we use a variety of fun methods to help children overcome fears, build confidence in the water, learn water safety and develop skills that last a lifetime. Classes are divided into ability groups with certified instructors who emphasize personal safety, swimming skills, endurance and social skills guided with praise and encouragement. 

The earlier the better

The longer you wait to educate your child about swimming and water safety, the harder it becomes. Younger kids are happy to jump right into swimming, but as kids get older, without skills they tend to build a fearful dislike to the water which leaves them at a higher risk for water danger.

All class options are open to anyone in the community who wants their children to learn how to be safe in and around water!

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