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Norfolk Family YMCA
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We know how things fall apart when there is no communication, so we pride ourselves in offering various ways to communicate to our members. However, sometimes with technology these days it can be overwhelming to be sure we communicate in all ways for each and every event. Therefore this will help you know how we communicate.

Y News

The Monthly Newsletter. Each month a newsletter is sent out to update everyone on what is coming up and going on at the YMCA. Program updates, fitness schedules, and much more are advertised through this newsletter. To subscribe to the Y News, click the link and follow the easy steps.

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Text Alerts

Text alerts can be sent out for any of our programs. When registering for a program, ask about text alerts to be added to the list for that program. 

Mobile App

Yes! We have a mobile app. To access the app, go to either the Google Play Store or Apple Store on your smart phone. Search Norfolk Family YMCA and install the app to get started. We advertise various programs, events, and you can even use the Mobile App in place of your membership card!   


Even we have Facebook page!  We are so special that we have two!  Our main page and a group fitness page!  We have so many group fitness classes, announcements with classes, etc that we created a separate page for those that are interested in Group Fitness Social Media.  

Main Page and Group Fitness Page

Norfolk Family YMCA