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Norfolk Family YMCA
Norfolk, Nebraska


We offer so many programs and services that sometimes it can be very overwhelming – we know!  So at any point if you have questions, please ask us - we want to help!  With that, we don’t want you overcome with anxiety when you join, so be sure you sign up for our Complimentary Equipment Orientation or Personal Training Consultation!  We also have a variety of Fitness Assessments including one with our InBody 570 that shows your true efforts!

Equipment Orientations

Each new Y member will receive a Complimentary Equipment Orientation or Personal Training Consultation! We want your fitness goals started off on the right foot. Equipment orientations are 30-60 minutes in length and will provide you with the basics of how to use the weight machines and cardio equipment. You will learn how to start, stop, and change settings on the cardio machines and adjust seat height and weight selection and discuss proper form on the weight machines.  Our knowledgeable personal trainers will help you learn the right tools to fulfill your goals and utilize our great facility to its full potential. We know what it's like to join and then not know how to use half of the facility - we want you to know it all, so be sure to sign up for one of these!  Available for ages 15 & up.

Health Assessment:

Fee: $25/$50 

Your 30 minute fitness assessment will provide you with baseline data for your current fitness status. This is a great starting point to keep track of your fitness improvements and help you identify which areas you should focus on in your workout routine. Full Fitness Assessments include: Sit and reach test (flexibility), 1 minute curl-up test (muscle endurance), push-up test (muscle strength), 3 minute step test (cardiovascular endurance), body weight, BMI, bioimpedence body fat, circumference meas-urements, and skinfold body fat measurements.

InBody Assessment:

This 10 minute test will assess your body weight, BMI, body fat percent-age, skeletal muscle mass, total body water, segmental analysis, and basal metabolic rate. A personal trainer can then help you understand how your diet, lifestyle, and exercise regimen are influencing your body composition.

Fee: $15/$25

InBody Assessment, Circumference, Skinfold & Consultation

InBody Assessment, Circumference & Skinfold Test: This 15 minute assessment includes an InBody assessment, circumference measurements, skinfold body fat measurements, and an overview of your results.

Fee: $30/$40

InBody Assessment, Circumference, Skinfold, Program Design & One Personal Training Session

All of the above is included, plus you will meet with a personal trainer who will design your strength training program and take you through all of your exercises to correct posture and technique. 

Fee:  $30/$55

Contact Leah at the YMCA for more information

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