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Norfolk Family YMCA
Norfolk, Nebraska

Personal Training

Have you been working hard, but not getting the results you want? Are you looking to get back into an exercise program but don't know where to begin? 

With the guidance of a personal trainer, you can set and attain realistic nutrition and fitness goals. You and your trainer determine how often you will meet. Enjoy all of the benefits of a personal trainer: safety, accountability, encouragement, and individualized attention. Let our certified personal trainers help you reach your goals in a timely fashion! We offer many training package options to help fit your needs and your budget! 

Individual, Partner and Small Group training sessions are available. 

We offer FREE Personal Training consultations that will help you choose the best package option to reach your goals.

Pilates Reformer Sessions

We are very proud to offer the Pilates reformer as an option for personal training! The reformer is a piece of Pilates equipment that helps to create longer, leaner muscles, core strength and stability, improves posture, balance and coordination and heightens mind-body awareness.

Private and Partner sessions are available.

Sign up at the Welcome Center for a FREE Personal Training Consulation to discuss your health and fitness goals, one-on-one with a Certified Personal Trainer.

Contact Leah at the YMCA for more information

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