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Norfolk Family YMCA
Norfolk, Nebraska

YX3 Small Group Functional Training

What is Functional Training and WHY is it so importrant

Functional training involves performing work against resistance in such a manner that the improvements in strength, directly enhance the performance of movements. In other words, the individual's activities of daily living become easier to perform. 

WHO is the YX3 program for

  • Exercisers with a specific training objective/goal.
  • Exercisers who attend classes seeking camaraderie, accountability, coaching, fun and variety.
  • Exercisers interested in proressing toward iconic goals and challenges. 

Each class includes

  • Cardio, strength, and flexibility exercises through circuit or group training
  • FUN and high evergy environment
  • Group accountability and camaraderie
  • Modifications and amplifications are shown for all fitness levels

UNLIMITED Classes  - $40/month 

*drafted on the 1st of each month

Check it out! Try out a class for only $10

Monday - Friday

5:30-6:20 am
8:30-9:20 am

 *Limited to 12 participants per class.

Call or stop by the Welcome Center to reserve your spot!

Sign-up for classes will be accepted 1 week in advance. 

Drop-in if class is not full. *Available tfor monthly draft participants only. 

*No Call/No Show Policy: Any individual who misses a class they are signed up for and does not call at least 2 hours ahead of the scheduled class will be subject to a $5 charge, as space is limited.