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Norfolk Family YMCA
Norfolk, Nebraska

Lifeguard Certification - Blended Learning

Check out this new class style offering! 

This eLearning style instruction has been designed to instruct participants in the knowledge-based aspects of the lifeguarding course, along with making them familiar with the skills that they will practice and master during the facility portions of the training. 

The blended course presentation (accessed through registration and email address) is designed to include all the visual information necessary to conduct the course. Each participant will complete guided discussions, watch video segments, scenarios, and activity skill sheets. 

Participants must have access to a Computer/Laptop/Tablet with Adobe Reader and Flash Player (for videos). 

For successful course completion, each participant must complete ALL online modules, adhere the the instructor's timeline and deadlines, participate in all facility skill sessions, score an 80% or higher on the written tests, and complete the skills sessions proficiently. 


$100 for members
$130 for non-members

Registration Deadline: 

We do not offer this course as of right now.

Course Dates:

We do not offer this course as of right now.

* Participants must register with an email address and phone number.
* Participants will receive a CPR breathing barrier at completion of the course. 







Lifeguard Training