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Norfolk Family YMCA
Norfolk, Nebraska

Outdoor Triathlon

2017 race date is June 24th.

COURSE DESCRIPTIONS: We offer 3 courses to meet the needs of many different levels of competitors.

Course: Swim Length | Bike Length | Run Length

Short Course: 150 yd snake swim | 3 miles | 1 mile

Medium Course: 300 yd snake swim | 8 miles | 2 miles

Long Course: 500 yd lap swim | 12 miles | 3.1 miles

Due to the accuracy needed for this event the closest possible swim time must be entered during registration. Both the bike and run courses are mostly flat terrain. Teams are available in all courses listed above. Order of events are long course, medium course then short course.

Due to the accuracy needed for this event the closest possible swim time must be entered during registration. Both the bike and run courses are mostly flat terrain. Teams are available in all courses listed above. Order of events are long course, medium course then short course.

PACKET PICKUP: We strongly prefer that all race packets are picked up the evening before the race at the Norfolk Family YMCA (301 W Benjamin Ave, Norfolk NE). Bring your registration confirmation/receipt with you to packet pickup. If you absolutely cannot make it to packet pickup on Friday night, packet pickup on Saturday will only be available from 6:30-7:15 am.

TRIATHLON RULES: Participants must wear a bike helmet with helmet numbers visible from front. Bike numbers must be visible from side and can go over cross bar or under seat. Chest numbers must be visible from front, they can be attached with race belt or pinned to your shirt. Race numbers for swim will be written with permanent marker on both arms and legs and visible from side. If wearing a wet suit, participant number must be visible on swim cap sides. Course map will be in your race packet and also available at Assigned Chip MUST be on ankle using a velcro strap during all phases of the event. Chip and strap must be returned at finish line or you will be charged. Please make sure your transition area is setup, bikes racked, participant numbers on, and body marked (in West Gym) before the pre-race meeting at 7:30 am in the Pool. Bike transition area closes at 7:20 am. 

INCLEMENT WEATHER: In case of inclement weather the race will be temporarily halted and you will not be allowed to go on the course after you complete the leg you are currently on until the weather has cleared. We will make the best effort to adjust times in this situation but our primary concern is your safety. We are here to have a good time and enjoy the event. 

USAT: This is NOT a USAT sanctioned event. 

SWIM: Participants will go in BIB order according to their estimated swim times fastest to slowest. Your actual start times will be posted online and at packet pickup. Swimmers must be in the pool area in line 20 minutes prior to their pre-assigned start time. If you miss your start time you will go to the back of the line. For snake swim (medium and short courses), swimmers will complete 50 yards per lane then advance under the rope to the next lane until finished. If you catch the swimmer in front of you tap them on the foot and they will need to stop, grab the lane rope and let you pass. The Long Course is a regular lap swim, not a snake swim.

TRANSITION ONE (T1) – SWIM-IN TO BIKE-OUT: Bikes must be racked in the transition area according to bib number. Swim time will end when crossing the SWIM-IN mat when entering the transition area. T1 starts when crossing SWIM-IN mat after swim and T1 ends when crossing BIKE-OUT mat with bike. Bike can not be mounted when crossing the transition mat when exiting or entering. Be sure you and the bike both cross over the mat when exiting or entering. You are not allowed to ride your bike in the transition area. Once race begins there can be no assistance in the transition areas.

BIKE: The roads will not be closed so be cautious of vehicles on the road. For your own safety bike helmets are required.

TRANSITION TWO (T2) – BIKE-IN TO RUN-OUT: Bike time ends when crossing BIKE-IN mat. Must be dismounted before crossing mat. Return bike to bike rack. Place participant number (BIB) on shirt or race belt, must be visible from the front.

RUN: Begins when crossing the RUN-OUT mat and finishes when you cross the finish line. Show back up timers your bib number when crossing the finish line. After crossing, return your chip and ankle strap to avoid being charged.

TEAM RULES: Team will share one chip and strap and may only be exchanged in the transition areas where your bike is racked.

LUNCH (provided): Lunch is provided with your registration fee, please let us know during registration if you will be eating. You may purchase a ticket for any family members/supporters during registration. Additional tickets may be purchased up until the Tuesday prior to race day – any tickets purchased after this day will incur an additional $3 charge. Please understand we need time to plan the amount of food needed. Lunch will be set up in the West Gym. 

AWARDS: Results will be posted immediately following the race at Laptops will be available to check on race results. Awards will be presented as soon as possible at the conclusion of the race in the West Gym during lunch. Awards will NOT be mailed to participants. 

TEXT ALERTS: For race information and reminders you can sign up for text alerts by texting ymca to 781-728-9542. When you receive a confirmation that you have successfully signed up for text alerts, please text join 2017Tri to 781-728-9542, you will then receive a confirmation that you have ‘joined’ the 2017Tri group and you are now set up to receive text alerts. 

REFUNDS: Due to inclement weather or other acts beyond our control if the event is unable to be held the following refund policy applies: 50% refund for the fee. We would appreciate as many shirts being picked up at the Y as possible to help us save on postage. Any participant within 30 miles will not have their shirt mailed to them. 

NO SHOWS: Will not be refunded. Must pick up their shirt at the Norfolk Family YMCA or pay shipping charges to have it sent to them. All shirts must be picked up or the YMCA must be contacted to have them shipped no later than Thursday, July 13th or shirts will no longer be available.

REGISTRATION: Registration is available by calling the Y or online at (to register online you must call the Y to get your name in our system before you register if you have never registered with us before). Online registration will be available at through Tuesday prior to race day – any registrations after this day must be done by calling the Y (subject to availability). When registering be sure to include package items such as shirt, lunch and babysitting if you will be eating lunch or utilizing the free babysitting services. 

If you are not a current member or registered non-member of the Norfolk Family YMCA, you must call the YMCA at 402-371-9770 to be entered in our system where you will then be able to register online. To register click here 

Did you know?
Year: 2003 Number of Finishers: 78 
Year: 2004 Number of Finishers: 75
Year: 2005 Number of Finishers: 67
Year: 2006 Number of Finishers: 109
Year: 2007 Number of Finishers: 146 
Year: 2008 Number of Finishers: 200 
Year: 2009 Number of Finishers: 210 
Year: 2010 Number of Finishers: 150
Year: 2011 Number of Finishers: 110
Year: 2012 Number of Finishers: 89
Year: 2013 Number of Finishers: 95
Year: 2014 Number of Finishers: 100
Year: 2015 Number of Finishers: 77

Contact Leah at the YMCA for more information at 402-371-9770 or at

Swimmer at the Outdoor Triathlon


Bikes at the Outdoor Triathlon


Runners Finishing Outdoor Triathlon