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Pool Closing Policies

We understand the inconvenience and trouble it causes our members to have the pool closed down. However, the pool does close for various reasons throughout the year.

Reasons for pool closure include:

  • Weather closures
  • Sanitation closures
  • Maintenance closures

There are various state and national regulations that dictate the amount of time a pool may need to be closed.

Weather Closures

The pool may at times need to be closed due to weather. Yes, even though it is an indoor pool we must close when it is thundering and/or lightning. The State of Nebraska and DHHS dictate that the pool must be closed for a minimum 30 minutes from hearing thunder or seeing lightning. 

If swim lessons are cancelled due to a Weather closure, we will do the best we can to make up that day. No refunds will be given if a make up is not able to be scheduled.

We will post updates on Weather closures in a timely manner and keep them updated. Pool closures and updates will be posted on the mobile app, our website home page, and our Facebook page. 

Sanitation Closures

Accidents happen! Sometimes accidents happen, and we as staff deal with them as quickly and timely as we can. Any long closures will be posted on our website, the mobile app, and our Facebook page. 

The State and DHHS require that the pool be closed for a minimum 30 minutes after cleaning out a formed stool. This procedure and rule is also applied for vomit. Chlorine of 2.6ppm or higher kills any germs and bacteria within 20 minutes. 

They require a minimum 13 hour closure for any diarrhea type incident. For this type of incident, chemicals must be adjusted to raise the chloring in the pool. Often times more than 13 hours is needed, due to lowering the chlorine level back down to legal levels.

Maintenance Closures

Yes, the pool requires maintenance just like any other part of the building. However, a full pool closure due to maintenance is very rare. Almost all fixes required in the pool area can be done during hours of operation. 

If the pool needs to be closed due to maintenance, a 24 hour notice will be given. Signs will be hung up in the pool area, as well as information posts on our website, mobile app, and Facebook page.

Thank you for your patience and understanding with these closures!

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