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Norfolk Family YMCA
Norfolk, Nebraska

Sports? Of course!

We have sports programs coming out of our ears!  We even involve those little 3 year olds (check out the Itty Bitty Sports for the little tykes)!

The Y has become much more than a swim and a gym over the years and with that we have also increased the variety of sports that we offer from Archery to a British Soccer Camp in the summer (yes they come from Great Britain to teach your child – we wish they were here long enough we could pick up their accent)!  We have a lot and a great variety for all kids!  We do have two team sports – the swim team (Aquajets) and the gymnastics team (Flairs) – so check those out if you have a kid that flips for fun or swims like Micheal Phelps!

Click on the following links to find out all the details on our sports programs!!

Adult Sports





Heads Up Concussion Training


Summer Sports Camps


Tae Kwon Do

Team Sports