Gymnastics is a progressive sport and each gymnast develops skills at his or her own pace. Grouping children by age allows them to work on their skills in an environment where they feel comfortable and safe. Coaches will work with your child at his or her individual skill level, and will notify you if your child is ready to move to a more advanced class. 

Gymnastics categories


Ages 15 months - 2 years 

A fun activity for you to do with your child!

Parents and Children play with balls, hoops, parachutes, and gymnastics equipment sized just right for your little one.

This program helps children develop motor and social skills in a fun environment.

Fee: Member $45/ Non-member $90

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Tumble Tykes

Ages 3 - 4 years old

Children will develop motor and social skills (taking turns, listening and following simple directions, etc.) while learning basic gymnastics on toddler-sized equipment. We also use balls, hoops, and games to make this class lots of fun!

Fee: Member $45/ Non-member $90

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Junior Beginner

Ages 5-6 years old

This class utilizes bars, beam, vault, and tumbling stations to practice basic gymnastics skills. Social skills will also be enhanced while keeping the class fun for children this age.

Fee: Member $50/ Non-member $100

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Ages 7 & 8

Your child will be instructed on vault, bars, beam, and floor. Strength and flexibility are important aspects of the sport and will be incorporated into each class.

Fee: Member $55/ Non-member $110

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Beginners Plus - Ages 9+

Beginners Plus

This class is designed for older participants still wanting to start or continue learning gymnastics! Includes training on bars, beam, floor, tumbling and vault.

Fee: Member $55/ Non-member $110

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Ages 5+

Parkour Gymnastics is what kids try to do at home. It’s the stuff that running and jumping and playing looks like in an unstructured environment. Guess what! It’s really good for your child. It teaches problem solving, focus, perseverance, agility, strength, patience, coordination and more. All in a naturally challenging and rewarding environment.


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Boys Gymnastics

Junior Beginner: Ages 5-6

Beginner: Ages 7-8  

Advanced: Ages 9+

These classes will utilize vault, bars, floor, parallel bars, pommel horse, and mushroom. The classes emphasizes body position, correct gymnastics technique, and strength/conditioning.

Junior Beginner Fee: Member $50/ Non-member $100

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Pre-Team & Team - Invitation Only


This class is for those students who have mastered all of the beginner level skills and are ready to begin preparing for team competition. By invitation only.

Fee: Member $70/ Non-member $140

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