Swim Lessons


Swimming at the Y helps people thrive - in and out of the water. Swim lessons provide the opportunity to set goals and achieve success, learn water safety and enjoy swimming as a form of exercise. Through swimming lessons, swim teams, lap swimming and more, the Norfolk Family YMCA provides a safe environment for swimmers of all ages and abilities.


  • Parent/guardian is allowed on the pool deck during class.

  • Please clear the pool deck after class is completed to allow for the staff to clean.

  • All sessions will include 6 lessons. If a cancellation is needed due to inclement weather or uncontrollable circumstances we will do our best to have a make-up lesson. If this is not possible no refund will be given.


 AB/ Water Discover & Water Exploration Ages 6 months-3 years

Parents accompany children, which introduces infants and toddlers to the aquatic environment through exploration and encourages them to enjoy themselves while learning about the water. Parents work with their children to explore body positions, floating, blowing bubbles, and fundamental safety and aquatic skills.

1&2/ Water Acclimation & Water Movement - Ages 3-6

Students develop comfort with underwater exploration and learn to safely exit in the event of falling into a body of water in stage 1. In stage 2, students focus on body position and control, directional change, and forward movement in the water while also continuing the practice how to safely exit in the event of falling into a body of water.

3/ Water Stamina - Ages 3-15

In Stage 3, students learn how to swim to safety from a longer distance than in previous stages in the event of falling into a body of water. This stage also introduces rhythmic breathing and integrated arm and leg action.

4/ Stroke Introduction - Ages 3-15

Students in stage 4 develop stroke technique in front crawl and back crawl and learn the breaststroke kick and butterfly kick. Water safety is reinforced through treading water and elementary backstroke.

5/ Stroke Development - Ages 5-15

Students in stage 5 work on stroke technique and learn all major competitive strokes. The emphasis on water safety continue through treading water and sidestroke.

6/ Stroke Mechanics - Ages 5-15

In stage 6, students refine stroke technique on all major competitive strokes, learn about competitive swimming, and discover how to incorporate swimming into a healthy lifestyle.


Private swim lessons offer one-on-one instruction for all ages and all abilities. These lessons are 30 minutes long and can be scheduled any day, for a time when the pool has available space. Following registration, an instructor will contact you within 3-10 days to schedule your lesson at a mutually agreed upon time. Lessons may be bought individually or in a group of 6 lessons.

Youth Private: 6 lessons Member/Nonmember $100/$160

Adult Private: 6 Lessons Member/Nonmember $95/$150

YMCA policy: Non YMCA staff are not allowed to do private swim lessons paid or unpaid (obv. exceptions for family) at the Norfolk Family YMCA. 


This class is conveniently provided after preschool classes. This gives young children ages 3-5 a positive, and developmentally appropriate aquatic learning experience that emphasizes water safety and survival concepts. Skills are age-appropriate, helping participants achieve success on a regular basis while in a class environment with their peers. The swim lessons instructor(s) will do their best to push the classes as much as possible. Keep in mind that these classes can only progress to a certain point, based on the entire classes skill levels.

Those registering for Preschool 2022-2023! Check out this amazing program offered to help your son/daughter.

When: Scheduled immediately following your son/daughter's preschool class.

Length: Lessons are half an hour long $30 for YMCA Members, $60 for NonMembers


Monday/Wednesday 11:30 am - 12:00 pm

Session 3 - Jan. 11th - Feb. 8th 2023

Session 4 - Feb. 13th - Mar. 20th 2023

Session 5 - Mar. 22nd - Apr. 22nd 2023


Tuesday/Thursday 11:30 am - 12:00 pm

Session 3 - Jan. 12th - Feb 9th 2023

Session 4 - Feb. 14th - Mar. 14th 2023

Session 5 - Mar. 21st - Apr. 25th 2023


Afternoon Monday/Thursday 3:15 pm - 3:45 pm

Session 3 - Jan. 12th - Feb. 6th 2023

Session 4 - Feb. 23rd - Mar. 23rd 2023

Session 5- Mar. 27th - Apr. 27th 2023

A lifeguard will come and get the kids after preschool class is over and walk them to the pool area for their swimming lesson for your convenience. Pickup will be in the Pool area after the lessons are over or if they are staying at the YMCA a lifeguard will walk them back to Stay N Play. Registrations for all classes are open and available.