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Norfolk Family YMCA
Norfolk, Nebraska

Tennis Lessons

Private Tennis Lessons

Whether your child wants to get exercise, hone their skill to be a competitive player, or just have fun; enroll them in Private Tennis Lessons!! Every player has aspects of his or her game that need work. Our individual lessons will target weaknesses and accelerate any tennis player's improvement.

1 - 30 Minute Session -- Fee: Members $15 / Non-Members $30

6 - 30 Minute Sessions -- Fee: Members $80 / Non-Members $160


1 - 60 Minute Session -- Fee: Members $30 / Non-Members $60

6 - 60 Minute Sessions -- Fee: Members $120 / Non-Members $240



Group Lessons -- Make new friends, get exercise, learn a new sport!

Whether you want your child to make friends, get exercise, be a competitive player or just have a lot of fun our Youth Tennis Lessons are a great introduction to a very active sport! Register today to get your child on the court! Fall is right around the corner and Norfolk offers great indoor/outdoor tennis facilities/courts; it’s time to get hooked on the sport of tennis!

FUTURE STARS – BOYS & GIRLS AGES 4-7 FEE: Members $20/Non-Members $35

Introduce your future star to the world of tennis! Ready position, racquet-eye coordination and control, and proper fundamentals are introduced in a fun atmosphere. Quick Start Red Balls are used with a 23” racquet.

Lessons held at the Y Tennis Center.

QUALIFIERS – BOYS & GIRLS AGES 8-10 FEE: Members $30/Non-Members $45

Increased development on rallies, serves and sportsmanship. Keeping fundamentals during play is emphasized. Keeping score, volleys and overheads are introduced. Quick Start Orange Balls and 23”-25” racquets will be used.

Lessons held at the Y Tennis Center.

CHALLENGERS – BOYS & GIRLS AGES 11-14 FEE: Members $30/Non-Members $45

Extensive work on rallies and serves while maintaining fundamentals. Increased emphasis on volleys and overheads as the game of doubles is introduced. Teenagers new to the game are encouraged to start here. Quick Start Green Dot Balls will be used as well as a racquet 25”-27” in size.

Lessons held at the Y Tennis Center.


FALL Session:

Session 1: August 16th-October 11th 

Session 2: October 25th-December 13th 


Future Stars: 4:30-5:00 pm

Qualifiers: 5:15 - 6:15 pm

Challengers: 6:30 - 7:30 pm


Registration Deadline: Monday before classes start!

Space is limited so register before spots fill!


Contact our Sports Director at the YMCA at 402-371-9770 or at

Girl with a tennis racket