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Norfolk Family YMCA
Norfolk, Nebraska

Tennis Center

Yes, we have a Tennis Center!  It is now a part of your Y membership!

Add something new to your workout or add something different to family time and utilize our Tennis Center located at 407 18th Street! Tennis Center Memberships are available separately as well!

What is the fee?

If you are not a member of the Y you will need to purchase a Tennis membership, this helps covers facility repairs and improvements. Everyone (Y members and Tennis members) will be assessed a court fee (when you play) which cover the operating expense of the courts.

For more information on the Tennis Center, see our Memberships page.

What does it cost to play?

Our court fees are very affordable! $20/hour for adult and $10/hour for youth. Now keep in mind, that is per hour—if you play with 3 other people and you are an adult you would only pay $5.00 for that hour. Billable by the half hour. Play as early as 5 am or as late as 10 pm!

How to access the Tennis Center?

Access Cards—all new memberships must purchase an access card/fob for $25 to access the facility. When returned in reusable condition, due to non-renewal of membership, (Tennis and Pickleball Center of Norfolk Family YMCA Membership) a $15 refund will be granted.

If a member decided later that they would like an access card/fob, the setup fee ($25) must be paid again.  

Lost Cards/Fobs - Must be reported to the Norfolk Family YMCA immediately so that access can be denied on that card/fob. You are responsible for any fees and or damage that occur if you have not notified us of you card/fob being lost or stolen. 

Sign me up! I want to play!!

See the Welcome Center to fill out a Tennis Center Member Form. You will then be contacted regarding when you can pick up your Access Card ($25 is due before you receive your access card). There is a $20 Joiner’s Fee to join the Tennis Center! Cancellation policy is the same as our YMCA Memberships.