Sponsored Membership Program

The Y has a great mission for community involvement and this includes that no child is denied the chance to participate at the Y due to the inability to pay. The Y believes a strong sense of ownership and pride is developed if the recipient has contributed to the cost of their Y involvement; therefore, those eligible will be asked to pay some portion of the fees for either membership and/or program.  Applications are available at the Welcome Center. 

Bring completed application and the following information with you to the Y:

  • Copies of applicant's/spouse's last two month's bank statements.

  • Last 2 pay stubs for each adult.

  • Recent year's income tax return for each adult in the household.

The money received from our Annual Giving Campaign supports this program. Applicants are interviewed and if they are eligible to pay something it will be required. We help over 1,700 individuals and have given out over $170,302 in membership and program assistance. The donors that contribute to our campaign monetarily and the volunteers that contribute their time working the campaign need to be honored for their generosity of time and treasure by making sure those that cannot afford it are the ones that are given assistance; therefore the interviews are required.

Those individuals that are sponsored will receive the same benefits as a paying member. The program is confidential; however, those that are willing to share their stories it is encouraged to show what the Y does for the community.