Tri at the Y

April 28 at the Y!

Early Bird Registration going on NOW thru April 11 (Guaranteed Event T-shirt)

Late Registration accepted April 12-23 (Event T-shirt not guaranteed)



Male & Female in separate divisions

Early Bird- $40

Late- $50

Age Divisions:








Ages 12-17

Early Bird- $25

Late- $35



Early Bird- $120

Late- $150


Early Bird- $120

Late- $150


Early Bird- $120

Late- $150


Early Bird- $75

Late- $105


Early Bird- $100

Late- $125

Want to try a Tri? An Indoor Triathlon is an excellent way to get your feet wet!

Unlike a traditional triathlon, which covers fixed distances of swim, bike, & run, indoor triathlons challenge competitors to race the greatest distance within a fixed time frame.  At the Norfolk Family YMCA Indoor Triathlon, athletes swim 10 minutes in the pool, bike for 30 minutes in the cycling studio, & run for 20 minutes on the treadmill. 

Swim - 10 Min.

Because the space in our pool is limited, we will run in waves or heats, with a fixed number of competitors taking off at scheduled intervals.

The distance covered is measured in length, not laps.  In other words, each time you touch a wall, you’ll receive the distance covered.

If this is your first time racing, know that it’s okay to take a breather!  Though the clock doesn’t stop, you can pause at the wall if you need to catch your breath.

You have 10 minutes to transition to the cycling studio.

Bike - 30 Min.

Prior to the event, have an instructor find your settings on the bikes in the cycling studio.  Do a test run ahead of time.  This will allow you to make adjustments you’ll need for the seat, handlebars, & resistance settings.

If you are wearing cycling shoes (optional), check to see if your cleats are compatible with the pedals on the bike prior to the start of the race.  If not, opt for a bike with cage pedals, which encase your foot (in running shoes) to the pedal instead of cleats.

Bring a water bottle.

You have 5 minutes to transition to the treadmill.

Run - 20 Min.

Bring your water bottle along to the treadmill, just as you did on the bike, you’ll want to hydrate as you hammer out your run.

Athletes are allowed to power up the treadmills when the race clock begins.  That means the treadmill needs to be ratcheted up from 0 minutes per mile to your desired pace.  If possible, know what pace is comfortable for you to start, so you can punch in the number (if possible) rather than hitting the “speed increase” button.


Event Scoring

Each event within the Indoor Triathlon will be scored separately, based on distance travelled

1. The individual that travels the most distance swimming will get 1 points, the second most distance will get 2 points, etc.

2. The individual that travels the most distance cycling will get 1 points, the second most distance will get 2 points, etc.

3. The individual that travels the most distance running will get 1 point, the second most distance will get 2 points, etc.

4. After the three events, each individual will have their points from each event summed.

5. The individual with the fewest points will win.

6. In case of a tie breaker, the individual with the greatest total distance of all three events is the winner.




Tina - Health & Wellness Director -

Dylan - Aquatics Director -